Learn how to overcome stomach ulcers safely….

And how to find a treatment that will work for you

If you are suffering from a painful stomach ulcer, you may be wondering how this came about, what the root cause is, and how you can rectify the problem.

When you take a deeper look into this the first thing you will discover is that your stomach ulcer was most likely caused by an infection of H. pylori bacteria (this needs to be dealt with and eliminated before your ulcers will heal naturally).

The fact is that everyone wants to get better faster. This can be done quite easily, provided you find a safe and effective treatment first. For most this is not easy, but as you are already here you are on the right path. On this page we will show you how to avoid treatments that have a good chance of not working, and how to quickly identify treatments that will be effective.

No matter what your health practitioner tells you, we recommend you do your own research before you commit to, or accept, any treatment. It’s easy to trust your doctor and accept prescriptions, but that is no guarantee of success.

Be sure to check our list of stomach ulcer symptoms as a quick guide to see if you have a stomach ulcer, but you will need a proper diagnosis from a health professional to make sure that you have stomach ulcers.

Why aren’t they telling you this?

Take a few minutes to learn why most doctors can’t (and sometimes won’t) tell you why the most commonly prescribed ‘solutions’ fail nearly 70% of the time, and how this can affect your both your health and your finances.

We hope this will help you to make informed decisions that will help you regain your good health safely – and in way less time than it takes people who don’t have this information. Bear in mind that the longer it takes you to be healed, the more your health will suffer. and the more it will cost you.

diagnosing stomach ulcers

The 10 Facts about Ulcers that doctors won’t be disclosing…

These are really important facts that most health professionals do not disclose to the public. It may be quite simply because they don’t have enough time during an appointment. You can draw your own conclusions on this, but for your own good health, these are important for you to know.

  1. H. pylori is the main cause of stomach ulcers- and it is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatments.
  2. Thousands of ulcer sufferers have taken more than 4 courses of the same antibiotic treatment – yet they still have H. pylori.
  3. Ineffective Triple or Quadruple therapies with bad side-effects are still the most commonly prescribed medication for H. pylori infections
  4. Doctors will never guarantee that their prescriptions will work – simply because of low success rates (around 30%)
  5. Around 65% of people infected with H. pylori will also test positive for Candida Albicans.
  6. More time can be spent on treating the negative side effects of Triple or Quadruple Therapy, than eradicating the cause of the stomach ulcer.
  7. Wrong tests taken after H. pylori treatment produce false results, which then result in further unnecessary treatments – at your expense.
  8. Drug therapies have widely published side-effects that are bad enough to cause many patients to abandon their treatment (see more below)
  9. The best way to effectively treat most types of stomach ulcers is to eliminate the cause (H. pylori infection).
  10. There are more effective and safer treatment options that doctors don’t know about and won’t offer because they believe that drugs are the only solution.

The biggest cause of conventional treatment failure…

There is one fact listed above that has by far the worst impact on those struggling with stomach ulcers and that is the biggest cause of treatment failure. This is due to patients not being able to complete their course of treatment. Why is this?

This is attributed mainly to the harsh side effects of prescribed treatments (Triple Therapy and Quadruple Therapy). These side effects are very difficult for most people to cope with – they are well published and you search them up, or you can take a quick look by clicking here.

facts about stomach ulcers in gut
Some facts about Stomach Ulcers you may find alarming
  • Helicobacter Pylori is the cause of up to 90% of all types of stomach ulcers – NOT spicy foods or stress
  • Helicobacter Pylori transmits from person to person by kissing, and also through sexual contact.
  • In poorer countries, H. pylori infects 50% of the population in childhood, and up to 90% in adult populations.
  • The World Health Organization reported that H. pylori is present in 50% of all new gastric cancer cases
  • Approximately 1 in every 8 people will develop duodenal ulcers or stomach ulcers in their lifetime.
  • Stomach Ulcers affect more than 5 million people each year in the USA alone.
  • Every year over 400,000 people around the world have ulcer-related surgery because of persistent symptoms or complications.
  • Each year over 6,000 people die of ulcer-related complications in the USA alone.
  • Another major cause of ulcers is the prolonged use of aspirin and other painkillers, commonly known as NSAIDs
  • H. pylori is the cause of around 75% of gastric ulcers
  • H. pylori infects 30% of people aged between 30 – 40 years, and 40% of people aged between 40 – 50 years, and 50% of people aged between 50 – 60 years, and so on.
Other Interesting Facts
  • People of any age can suffer from ulcers.
  • Women are just as prone to stomach ulcers as men are.
  • Peptic ulcers will affect nearly 1 in 10 of all adults in Western countries.
  • About 1 in every 20 gastric ulcers leads to stomach cancer.
  • Duodenal ulcers may occur in adults of any age.
  • Gastric ulcers affect mainly adults older than 40 years
  • The older you get, the more prone you will become to H. pylori infection.

Now that you have these facts… discover how easily you can overcome stomach ulcers – safely and effectively!

By now you have probably figured out why most doctors aren’t telling you all the facts about Helicobacter pylori infections – or about the limitations they are faced with when it comes to the treatments they can offer.

We hope that this information is going to help you to avoid the disappointment of choosing any treatment that does not treat the cause (Helicobacter pylori).

In addition to the limitations most doctors are faced with, they are generally unaware of alternative natural remedies, and may even pass unfair judgment on these even when they have no knowledge about the effectiveness, or the safety, of these remedies – as compared to inherently toxic pharmaceutical options.

Ineffective treatments are more damaging than no treatment!

We say this boldly because when H. pylori bacteria colonize and become an infection, the infection needs to be treated – it will not go away without treatment! That is a fact that nobody has been able to argue with and prove wrong yet.

Scientific evidence has linked H. pylori infections to a number of gut issues, the most serious being gastric cancer. This does not necessarily mean that everyone who has an h. pylori infection will suffer from gastric cancer, but it is best to play it safe and get this infection treated sooner rather than later.

Choosing a treatment that may not work can be damaging in all ways. Ineffective treatments can result in you staying unwell for as long as it takes to find (and also complete) a treatment that will actually work for you. It is also important to take into account the financial costs that you can’t recover due to the absence of any guarantee.

Ineffective treatments all have 2 things in common – they have no guarantee and they keep you unwell!

We see this as an indication that either the manufacturer has no confidence in their product/s, or they do not have your health as their No. 1 priority.

The simplest way to avoid disappointment…

Make sure that the treatment you choose to take has a proven track record and is guaranteed to work! This is important for your health, and is actually quite easy to do, as we are about to show you.

Taking a little time to research treatment options is a crucial part of regaining your good health. Don’t settle for treatments that have poor success rates, bad side effects, or treatments that are not guaranteed. These are all costly risks that can result both in the deterioration of your health, as well as unnecessary expenses.

CLINICALLY PROVEN! You can now safely and easily heal stomach ulcers by removing H. pylori with just one all-natural treatment.*

If you don’t want to take a chance on accepting any treatment that has a questionable failure rate, then we strongly urge you to keep reading…. because we want you to have the real facts so you can make an educated decision about choosing a treatment that will work best for you.

Don’t become a statistic! Use all the stomach ulcer facts to avoid making a hasty decision about your treatment that could result in you having to endure weeks, or possibly months, of ongoing or unnecessary medication.

REMEMBER! The main cause of all types of stomach ulcers is an H. pylori infection
So H. pylori is the primary target in the treatment of ulcers.
NO H. pylori means NO Stomach Ulcers!

h. pylori

Stomach ulcers caused by h .pylori will not just go away…
…you need to treat the H. pylori infection first

Stomach ulcers will not go away without using a treatment that will remove H. pylori first. This is the widely accepted method of treatment for ulcers caused by h. pylori infection.

H. pylori infections and stomach ulcers can get worse when left untreated – and when treatments fail!

So, your best course of action is to make sure you get a treatment that is guaranteed to work the first time around.

When your health is at stake you should not be taking any chances with treatments that do not work, or that don’t at least guarantee results. Click here or on the button below to see how to easily filter out treatments that probably won’t work for you.

It’s a fact that diets and supplements will not clear H. pylori – at best they may offer temporary relief of some symptoms. The most commonly prescribed treatments have high failure rates and only work for some people – if those people are able to cope with the harsh side effects. But! If you want to get better first time around, read on!

There is a safe and effective way to get rid of stomach ulcers and H. pylori without any further risk to your health – or your finances. Simply click on one of the buttons and see how…


*Information Disclaimer: Please note that we cannot guarantee specific results as quoted in testimonials, or in any general claims made. Results are individual and can vary from person to person. For more information on our Money-Back Guarantee please click here.


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