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We are more than 98% confident that just one 30-day course of Matula Tea will ensure that your H. pylori infection has been cleared. This is because Matula Tea has consistently had a proven success rate of over 98%* with over 55,000 successful treatments since 2006.

Our money-back guarantee is very simple. You will receive a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping fees) if the results of your HpSA (H. pylori Stool Antigen) test show a positive result, or if the result of your GI-MAP Stool test for Helicobacter Pylori is greater than 1.0e3 CFU/g, after taking just one 30 day course of Matula Tea as directed. All you need to ensure is that you get retested at the right time – see below to see why this is so important.

Matula Tea is truly and uniquely Risk-Free

Our guarantee, combined with the fact that Matula Tea is 100% natural (so no side-effects!) makes Matula Tea the only truly risk free* solution to H. pylori infections on the global market today.

matula tea guaranteed

Please take a little time to read the Terms and Conditions of this Guarantee, as set out below.

Terms and Conditions of our Guarantee

Our money-back guarantee covers you if your HpSA (H. pylori Stool Antigen) test show a positive result, or if the results of your GI-MAP Stool test for H. pylori show a reading of greater than 1.0e3 CFU/g – after taking just one 30-day course of Matula Tea as directed.

For accurate results either one of these two tests needs to be taken at least 4 weeks after completing your treatment. The ideal window for testing is between 30 and 45 days after completion of treatment.

We do not accept the results of any other types of tests – click here for a full explanation.

For the purposes of our guarantee, a negative result from an HpSA test, or a reading/count of 1000 (<1.0e3) CFU/g or less from a GI-MAP Stool test, means that you are no longer infected and that you will not require any further treatment for H. pylori.

Please note that our Guarantee does not cover ongoing symptoms – if you still have the same symptoms during or after your treatment, then please click here for some important information about this.

In the unlikely event that you will need to claim against our money-back guarantee, we will require that you provide us with proof of infection of H. pylori, before (if possible) and/or after taking Matula Tea treatment, as outlined in the 3 easy steps below.

The money-back-guarantee EXPIRES 6 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE. This is due to the fact that it is possible to be reinfected either by a partner or family member who may be infected with h. pylori, or by other means.

– STEP 1 –
Before you start Treatment

Before you start your Matula Tea treatment, we advise that your doctor does a test to accurately determine your H. pylori status. A blood test will do if you have never been treated for H. pylori before. If you have been treated previously then you will need to get an HpSA test, or a GI-MAP Stool test, done.

– STEP 2 –
Getting Retested with a GI-MAP Stool test or HpSA test

Obviously, to find out whether your treatment has been successful or not, you will need to be retested. At this point, it is important to note that we only accept the results of an HpSA test or a GI-MAP Stool test. Please pay particular attention to the timing of the tests!

PRESCRIBED WAITING PERIOD FOR STOOL TESTS – For these tests to be accurate, you must wait for at least 4 weeks AFTER you have completed your 30-day course of Matula Tea treatment before you get tested for the presence of H. pylori bacterium again. This is essential as it takes this long to ensure that your bowel content is completely replaced after completing your Matula Tea treatment. Both your doctor and the testing laboratory should be fully aware of this and should not undertake a test without first checking to see when you completed your treatment.

If your bowel content has not had time (4 – 6 weeks) to be completely replaced you will most likely receive an inaccurate test result showing that you are still infected. In most cases, GI-MAP tests will also show an alarming increase in the level of infection.

NOTE! The ideal window for retesting is between 30 and 45 days after completion your treatment.
Do not get retested before this time! Retesting is expensive.

Results not accepted if retesting is done too early: For reasons already mentioned above, we cannot accept your test results if you have been retested BEFORE the prescribed WAITING PERIOD has transpired, or if you have not used an HpSA test, or a GI-MAP Stool test.

Free 2nd treatment offer: Depending on your test results, we may offer to supply you with an additional 30-day follow-up Matula Tea treatment – this will be completely free of charge. This has proven to be over 99.5% effective in clearing any residual H. pylori bacteria which could still be present in your GI tract.

Money-back guarantee still stands after a 2nd treatment: In the unlikely event that either an HpSA test or a GI-MAP Stool test show that the additional treatment did not clear the remaining H. pylori infection, we will still refund you the cost of the original box of tea purchased, less shipping costs.

Clearing of Helicobacter Pylori infection is determined by
1. a negative result from an HpSA test, or…
2. a reading/count of 1000 (<1.0e3) CFU/g or less from a GI-MAP Stool test.

– STEP 3 –
Getting Retested for H. pylori

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only accept laboratory results of an HpSA test or a GI-MAP Stool test after you have completed your Matula Tea treatment.

We cannot accept results from any type of home tests, Blood Tests, Endoscopies, Stomach Biopsies, Urea Breath Tests, or any other test based on the presence of antibodies. We will only accept results that are from a testing laboratory.

The reason for this is simple – the HpSA and GI-MAP Stool tests are the only tests that conclusively prove that the bacteria has been successfully treated, or if the treatment has failed. The HpSA test and the GI-MAP Stool test are the least invasive and deliver extremely accurate and decisive results about the current status of the presence/absence of H. pylori bacteria.

We will require a copy of your test results, preferably signed and dated by your practitioner or doctor. These results need to clearly show your name, the name of the testing laboratory, and the date of testing.

– STEP 4 –
Claiming Your Refund

Having followed the 3 steps above, you may now proceed with claiming your refund. Simply click on the button below to continue.


  • The terms and conditions of this guarantee do not apply to Order Cancellations and Returns.
  • The Matula Tea guarantee expires 6 months after completion of your treatment. The reason for this is that it is possible for you to be re-infected by a spouse, partner, or family member who may also be infected.
  • This guarantee applies to Matula Tea and the treatment of H. pylori infections only, and not to any other products, or any other health issues.
  • This guarantee only applies if the product has been bought directly through us, and not via any third-party reseller.
  • Anyone who purchases two or more boxes of tea to drink consecutively, and who doesn’t take either a GI-MAP or HPSA test within the recommended time after the first box of tea has been completed, will invalidate their guarantee if they wait until after completing the second box of tea before getting tested.


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