All H. pylori symptoms listed here

Compiled by H. pylori experts & digestive health practitioners

This list of H. pylori symptoms will certainly help you to determine if you may be infected or not. Always consult with your doctor and get a proper diagnosis to make sure!

Research shows that 3 in every 4 people are infected h. pylori, and most of them don’t even know about it. That is until they start suffering from the painful effects of ulcers, or they start experiencing one or more of the symptoms listed below when h. pylori reaches infection level.

H. pylori symptoms differ from person to person

H. pylori can cause many different symptoms, and these symptoms will differ from person to person. However, there are some common symptoms that tend to affect most people.

It is also common to experience multiple symptoms at the same time. Many people feel that H pylori could still be the cause of their symptoms after they have been treated, but in fact, there are a number of other GI disorders that can present the same, or very similar, symptoms.

The 12 most common symptoms of H. pylori

  1. Heartburn or Acid Reflux (GERD) – Whether these symptoms occur on a regular, or even infrequent basis, you may infected with H. pylori.
  2. Diarrhea, Constipation, Flatulence, Bloating – Because H. pylori interferes with acid in your stomach, you can’t digest food properly.
  3. Fatigue and Low Energy Levels – H pylori creates a non-stop stress on your body, making you feel tired. Added to the possibility that you are not digesting your food properly, your body is not getting the correct nourishment to maintain it’s proper energy levels.
  4. Nausea & Vomiting – Many people feel nauseous when with H. pylori infections. Sometimes this can mistaken for pregnancy morning sickness. In some cases, vomiting does occur.
  5. Unplanned Weight and Muscle Loss – Because H pylori affects acid levels – which affects the digestive process of fats and proteins especially – you may notice that you are losing weight. The problem is that this weight loss is due to muscle loss, which is a dangerous way to lose weight.
  6. Difficulty Losing Weight – This is a surprising symptom because it is opposite to the above. When your body is stressed it produces cortisol. Depending on the person cortisol can cause either weight loss or weight gain. Cortisol can promote weight gain around the stomach area, and at the same time can also cause muscle loss.
  7. Hormonal Symptoms including Mood Swings & PMS – An over production of Cortisol caused by the stresses of the body trying to deal with infections usually causes these symptoms.
  8. Depression and Anxiety – A healthy digestive system can lead to the production of a very important mood chemical (called serotonin). Any damage to your stomach by an H. pylori infection will lead to a shortage of this important chemical. This in turn, leads to these symptoms.
  9. Gum Disease, Bad Breath and other Oral infections – Although the H pylori bacteria lives mostly in the stomach and small intestines, it has also been found in the mouth, and even in dental cavities.
  10. Bad breath – H. pylori infection can contribute to the development of halitosis or bad breath.
  11. Anemia – If the infection causes bleeding in the stomach or small intestine, it can lead to iron-deficiency anemia.
  12. Blocked nose, painful sinuses, colds and infections – Most people are unaware that the sinuses are joined to the digestive system, and that any irritation to the digestive system can cause sinus problems.

diagnosis of h. pylori symptoms
Less common symptoms…

These may include;

  • tension headaches
  • clouded thinking or foggy brain
  • yeast infections
  • body chills
  • cramping
  • joint pain
  • painful lymph nodes
  • general body aches.

H. pylori symptoms such as those mentioned above may seem quite broad and confusing, and it is quite common for some people to experience any number of symptoms at the same time.

Hopefully, these lists of symptoms have helped you to work out if you could be infected with H. pylori. They are only to used as a general guide and we recommend visiting a health professional for a proper diagnosis.

IMPORTANT! You can rely on a blood test only if you have never been treated for H. pylori before. If you have been treated for H. pylori before, then only an H. pylori Stool Antigen (HpSA) test or a GI-MAP Stool test should be used.

Before you start any treatment…

It is crucial to your long-term health to know more about H. pylori and the problems relating to the treatments you may be prescribed for this.

You will be happy to know that you don’t have to be exposed to any negative side effects or any other complications that the most popular medications are known to have, because there is a completely natural and gentle way for you to deal with H. pylori. More about this further down this page.

Getting the truth about H. pylori infections is a good start, and knowing what challenges you may face with even the most commonly used treatments is more important than you may think.

The Key Facts about H. pylori treatments
  • Most doctors simply have very few options when it comes to treating for H. pylori infections. (The prescription will almost always be Triple Therapy or Quadruple Therapy.)
  • H. pylori is becoming increasingly resistant to the most common treatments.
  • Many patients find they are still infected with H. pylori – even after 4 or more courses of Triple or Quadruple Therapy.
  • The best way to effectively treat stomach ulcers caused by H. pylori infection, is to treat the cause. Some doctors still subscribe to the outdated ‘No Acid, No Ulcer’ mentality, and insist on treating the symptoms.
  • 65% of patients infected with H. pylori are also infected with Candida Albicans – and they don’t even know about it!
  • Most Doctors spend more time treating the side effects of drug therapies, than when treating the original H. pylori infection.
  • Correct diagnosis of an H. pylori infection is critical.
  • Patients are wasting their money on the conventional re-testing methods after treatment.
  • The most commonly prescribed drug treatments for H. pylori have negative side effects that cause many patients to abandon the treatment before completion.
  • Each year nearly 6,000 people die from H. pylori related complications in the USA alone.
the cause of h. pylori symptoms

H. pylori infections will not go away without some form of treatment.

It’s a proven fact! If you have an H. pylori infection, you are going to need a truly effective treatment to get rid of this.

The fact is that, not all treatments are effective – and most people will already know this from first-hand experience.*

H. pylori infections can get worse when left untreated – or when treatments fail. This is why getting the right treatment to start with is so important.

Diets and supplements alone will not eradicate H. pylori – at best they may offer temporary relief of some symptoms. The most commonly prescribed treatments have high failure rates and only work for some people – if they are able to cope with all the harsh side effects and don’t have to abandon their treatment before it can work.

Good news! There is a really easy & safe way for you to be free from H. pylori.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of H. pylori without any further risk to your health – or your finances, you are in the right place.

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