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    Clinically tested & Scientifically Proven to be effective in the treatment of H. pylori. Natural, safe and pleasant tasting.

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  • Welcome to Ulcer-Cure

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    The origins and formulation of Matula Tea™ explain why it's so unique

  • Welcome to Ulcer-Cure

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    This natural treatment for H. pylori and Stomach Ulcers has been used by over 40,000 happy customers since 2006 with a success rate of over 98%.

Scientific Proof

We are setting new standards and are proud to publish our results here. Why don’t other companies do this?

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Need to Contact Us? Please feel free to communicate with us. We are always happy to assist you.

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Welcome to Ulcer-Cure.com

Learn all about H. pylori and stomach ulcers

Since 2006, we have helped over 40,000 people to figure out how to cure stomach ulcers by eradicating the root cause - Helicobacter pylori.

We have had an amazing success rate of over 98% with customers who have used the unique and latest information on this site, along with the product we recommend.

Our aim is to help you too - with complete peace of mind.

We only rely on all-natural clinically proven methods that provide you with the safest and most effective solutions to your stomach ulcer and h. pylori problems.

And if it doesn't work - we don't want it to cost you anything. Our success rate of over 98% enables us to guarantee results with a money-back guarantee.

Here are just some of the more important bits that we cover on this site:

  • What causes stomach ulcers?
  • What part does Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) play in this?
  • How do you catch it and how prevalent is it?
  • What diseases can it cause?
  • Symptoms of Stomach ulcers
  • Symptoms of H. pylori infection
  • H. pylori testing options available
  • Targeting treatments that work for H. pylori and Stomach Ulcers

Search via our easy-to-navigate menus for a wealth of up-to-date information on dealing with these widespread problems.

Your good health and peace of mind are our main priorities and we look forward to helping you!

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How It Works?

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Follow The Regime
Prepare yourself with learning the truth about the most commonly prescribed treatments. We recommend taking Matula Tea twice per day for 30 days.
Stay Relaxed & Positive
Stay relaxed and maintain a positive attitude, knowing you have the safest and most effective solution for your condition. Enjoy the taste of good health!
Complete your 30-day Course
Be sure to complete your treatment - then wait 30 to 45 days to be retested.
Get Retested
For your peace of mind, and to make sure you are free from h. pylori it's time to schedule a GI-MAP or HpSA test. That's all there is to it!


We only promote 100% natural products that have been clinically tested by renowned professionals, and which are proven to be highly effective and completely safe. We publish all clinical test results, so you can see the effectiveness of our products before you buy.
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No Risk

We offer a Money Back Guarantee because we want you to have complete peace of mind when you decide to purchase the products we recommend. Our aim is to help you to regain your good health safely and effectively – with zero risk to your health, and zero risk to your finances.
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Our Natural Health team is always available to answer any questions you may have about the symptoms and treatment of stomach ulcers and helicobacter pylori infections. We offer ongoing professional advice to ensure you regain your good health safely.
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