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Signs of Candida Overgrowth

Check these signs to see if you are infected...

The signs of Candida overgrowth are many. Candida manifests in your GI tract, through numerous allergies, and even in in mental and emotional imbalances. A weak immune system makes matters even worse.

What are the signs of Candida Infection?

Heightened Candida overgrowth results in a considerably long list of adverse signs and symptoms. Basically, the characteristics of Candida overgrowth fall under three categories, those affecting:

  •   The gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts
  •   Allergic responses, and
  •   Mental/emotional manifestations

Initially the signs will show near the sights of the original yeast colonies. Most often the first signs are seen in one or more of the following conditions;

  •   nasal congestion and discharge
  •   nasal itching
  •   blisters in the mouth
  •   sore or dry throat
  •   abdominal pain
  •   belching
  •   bloating
  •   heartburn
  •   constipation
  •   diarrhea
  •   rectal burning or itching
  •   vaginal discharge
  •   vaginal itching or burning
  •   increasingly worsening symptoms of PMS, prostatitis, impotence, frequent urination, burning on urination, bladder infections.

Candida thrives on a weakened Immune System

If your immune system remains weak long enough, Candida can spread to all parts of the body causing additional problems such as;

  •   fatigue
  •   drowsiness
  •   uncoordination
  •   lack of concentration
  •   mood swings
  •   dizziness
  •   headaches
  •   bad breath
  •   coughing and wheezing
  •   joint swelling or arthritis
  •   failing vision or spots in front of the eyes
  •   ear pain or deafness
  •   burning or tearing eyes
  •   muscle aches
  •   depression
  •   irritability
  •   sweet cravings
  •   increasing food and chemical sensitivities
  •   numbness and tingling
  •   cold hands and feet
  •   asthma
  •   hay fever
  •   multiple allergies
  •   hives and rashes
  •   eczema and psoriasis
  •   chronic fungal infections like athlete's foot
  •   ringworm
  •   fingernail/ toenail infections

Just how Toxic is Candida?

79 different toxic products are known to be released by Candida, which in itself places a considerable burden on the immune system. These toxins get into the bloodstream and travel to all parts of the body where they may give rise to a host of adverse and painful symptoms.
In Candida overgrowth, the yeast colonies can dig deep into intestinal walls, damaging the bowel wall in their colonization.

Candida can also attack the immune system, causing suppressor cell disease, in which the immune system produces antibodies to everything at the slightest provocation, resulting in extreme sensitivities.

"Candida can be dangerous...if it is not carefully controlled."

The persistent, constant challenge to the immune system by an ever-increasing, long-term overgrowth of Candida can eventually serve to wear down the immune system and cause a seriously weakened capacity for resistance to disease.

NOTE: The signs of Candida Albicans overlap with other GI Tract disorders and can easily be mistaken for the signs of peptic ulcers and H.pylori.

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Is there a Safe Solution to Candida Overgrowth?

Thankfully, yes! Get our FREE Special Report to find out exactly what you need to know before you try and beat Candida by yourself. Learn how you can get back to good health, without using any drugs, and without any negative side effects.


This information is a collection of the knowledge and experience gathered from a number of doctors treating their own patients in their own practices - and we sincerley hope this information will give you the edge in making an informed decision about your treatment......

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