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Candida Die Off

"Detox during treatment is normal,
it shows that the treatment is working..."

The effects of Candida die-off (also known as 'Herxheimer reaction') is a natural part of the healing process. It proves the presence of the many toxins contained in the yeast infection, and also proves that the treatment is starting to work. It can be a little nasty, but it can be controlled....

Candida Die-off (a.k.a. Herxheimer reaction)

For those that are unaware that they have Candida then the effects of Candida Die-off is the first warning sign that they have candida overgrowth. Note that this happens only when the Candida overgrowth is quite severe and the medication being taken is actively killing off the candida in vast numbers.

As the Candida is killed, it releases substances which are toxic to the body. If this process occurs more quickly than the toxins can be cleared from the bloodstream and eliminated by the body, a temporary toxic or allergic-type reaction can occur.

The technical name for this experience is a Herxheimer reaction ; it is more commonly referred to as "candida die off."

Usually die off lasts only a few hours, though it can last several days. It can usually be controlled almost entirely by reducing the dosage or the frequency of the treatment taken.

Signs of Candida die- off can be many and varied but generally cause discomforts such as headaches, aching, bloating, dizziness, nausea, and overall "goopy sick" feeling, or a worsening of original symptoms.

Fortunately, candida die off is generally short in duration, and although uncomfortable, is at least a confirmation of the presence of Candida and that something "good" is happening.

Exercise as well as proper, daily bowel evacuation has been reported as being helpful in countering the adversities of die off. Maintaining a high daily intake of purified water is also important to keep the channels of elimination open.

Is there a Safe Solution to Candida Overgrowth?

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Candida report

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